The Motorola Atrix was the first phone in a long time that I was extremely excited about. A 1GHz dual core processor, I have been this excited about specs in a very long time! The ability to dock a phone with a laptop shell and use it to power the laptop is something new and very cool. I do think that it makes more sense to dock a smartphone, somehow, with a tablet. The limited processing power of a smartphone would better serve a tablet. Even without the cool laptop accessory the Atrix is a powerhouse Android phone! But the biggest problem is Motoblur and the fact that it makes this phone look like something from a feature phone from 2003! Motoblur is the ugliest skin available for Android and whoever decided that using it was better than the stock Android interface should be fired.

The other person that should be fired is the AT&T that decided that docking the Atrix to it’s shell of a laptop is the same as using a laptop to tether. So now you have to pay the extra tethering fee to use your Atrix to power a shell of a laptop.